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Big Rig Test Runner

This is a test runner built on top of ChromeDriver.

The current runner does a scroll test on desktop Chrome Stable, however it can be easily modified and extended to perform other tests.

This is in an early phase, and will ultimately become its own npm module at some point. You will need to manually link it if you wish to use it globally after cloning


If you wish to use the bigrigrunner command globally, you will need to link it:

  1. cd test-runner
  2. npm link

If you wish to just run it from the folder:

  1. cd test-runner
  2. npm install
  3. chmod +x ./runner.js


To run the test run node against runner.js and provide an output path. You will need also to pass the URL (and the CSS selector used to determine that the page has loaded) before running the test.

./runner.js --url --selector a --output ~/Desktop/scroll.json

Alternatively, if you have linked the runner you can call bigrigrunner. You can also use shorthand syntax for the arguments if you prefer.

bigrigrunner -u -s div.subscribe -o ~/Desktop/aerotwist.scroll.json

On run you should see Chrome start, the test run, and, finally, the page close. There should be a trace file written that you can import into the Big Rig web app, or provide to the CLI.

You can also run the Big Rig runner and pipe its output straight into Big Rig's CLI:

bigrigrunner -u -s div.subscribe | bigrig --pretty-print

Running on an Android device

Firstly, ensure you have Chrome on the device and have enabled USB Debugging. Then use the '-a' flag.

bigrigrunner -u -s div.subscribe -o ~/Desktop/trace.json -a


Thanks to Sam Saccone, whose brilliant work on Drool acted as a model for utilizing ChromeDriver.

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