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Chrome Platform Analytics is a JavaScript library that supports the use of Google Analytics (GA) in Chrome Platform Applications and Extensions.
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concavelenz and Tyler Breisacher Migrate goog.array.ArrayLike to IArrayLike
goog.array.ArrayLike is an obsolete alternative to IArrayLike. Unlike IArrayLike, goog.array.ArrayLike can not carry the content value type.  To encourage better typing, goog.array.ArrayLike is being removed.

More information:[]document/d/12FYSy5i4cqd8k1gMFGD7Cb85n1GAV_sEbFYT4NjmPII/edit?usp=sharing

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Chrome Platform Analytics is a Javascript library supporting the use of Google Analytics (GA) from Chrome Platform Applications (and Extensions).

Please see the wiki for more information.

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