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Status: Archived

This repository has been archived and is no longer maintained.

status: inactive

This is a legacy Firebase example (for SDK 2.x.x). You probably want to use one of the up-to-date examples at

Login Demo for iOS

This is a demo of using Firebase's authentication features in your iOS app. It focuses on using OAuth with Google, Facebook, or Twitter, as well as anonymous authentication. Note that Firebase also supports authentication with email & password and custom auth tokens. You can read the full iOS authentication guide here.

This demo requires that CocoaPods is installed.

Running the Demo

To download and setup all necessary SDKs, run:

pod install

Next, open Login Demo.xcworkspace in XCode (not Login Demo.xcodeproj, since you need to include the Cocoapod dependencies).

You'll then need to edit the file Login Demo/ViewController.m and specify the Firebase app you're using as well as your Twitter API key. To setup Facebook auth, you'll need to open Supporting Files/Info.plist. and set FacebookAppID and FacebookDisplayName as well as configure a URL Scheme to match your App ID. To setup Google auth, you'll need to create and add a GoogleService-Info.plist from here as well as configure a URL Scheme to match your Reversed Client ID.

Don't forget to enable the relevant OAuth providers in your Firebase app.

Finally, run the demo app in XCode!

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