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Moonlight is a kind of light produced by the Lighthouse. It provides Lighthouse-As-A-Service: submit a URL, get results.

The service accepts the following parameters at /audit path:

Name Description
url Required. URL to analyze, including proto scheme.
fmt Output format. Detauls to html. Other values are: json, pretty.

For instance, to get a JSON response:



  request url=https://...  +----------+                +-----------+
-------------------------> |          |                |           |
                           |          | runs Chrome    |  Chrome   |
  response                 | frontend | ------------>  |           |
<------------------------- |          |                +-----------+
                           +----------+                     ∧  |
                              ∧  |                          |  |
                              |  | execute lighthouse-cli   |  |
                       stdout |  | with requested url       |  ∇
                       stderr |  | and other parameters     | GET
                              |  V                          | https://...
                    +----------------+                      |
                    |                |                      |
                    | lighthouse-cli | ---------------------+
                    |                |
  • frontend is a simple HTTP server which forwards incoming requests to lighthouse-cli and responds back with the command result.
  • Chrome is running in headless mode, using the headless shell, which is spun up on each request.
  • lighthouse-cli executed as a shell command from the frontend server, connecting to a randomly selected debugging port to accommodate concurrent requests.

All of Moonlight functionality in the diagram above is encompassed in a Docker container, which makes it highly portable and easy to deploy.

In fact, moonlight is running the docker container hosted by App Engine Flex environment.

Local development

You'll need to be able to build Docker containers locally and have Go 1.6+ installed.

To build the container image execute:


# or, without make:
GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build -o bin/server ./server/*.go
curl -sSL -o bin/headless-shell.tar.gz \
docker build --rm -t moonlight .

This will create a Docker image called moonlight. You can then run it as follows:

make run

# or, without make:
docker run -ti --rm -p 8080:8080 moonlight

Having that running, you should be able to access it locally. For instance, try this:

curl 'localhost:8080/audit?fmt=pretty&url='


To deploy to moonlight App Engine app, you'll need gcloud.

Once installed, use this to deploy:

make deploy

# or, without make:

# first, tag `moonlight` image to point to a repository
docker tag -f moonlight
# then, push it with:
gcloud docker push
# finally, deploy using gcloud
gcloud app deploy server/app.yaml \

This may take a few minutes, but eventually you should have it running and accessible.