This is a simple web-based example of calling the Google Cloud Storage API in PHP.
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Google Cloud Storage PHP Sample Application


This is a simple web-based example of calling the Google Cloud Storage API in PHP.


Please make sure that all of the following is installed before trying to run the sample application.

Setup Authentication

NOTE: This README assumes that you have enabled access to the Google Cloud Engine API via the Google API Console page.

  1. Visit to register your application and generate an API key.
  • Click APIs & Auth in the left column, and then click Credentials.
  • Click Create new client ID to create a new client ID.
  • In the Create Client ID window, choose Web application.
  • In the Redirect URIs box, specify the URL for your PHP page, e.g., http://localhost/app.php.
  • Click Create Client ID.
  • In the Public API access section of the Credentials page, click Create new Key.
  • In the Create a new Key window, choose Browser key.
  1. Update app.php with the redirect uri, consumer key, secret, and developer key obtained in step 1.
  • Update YOUR_CLIENT_ID with your oauth2 client id.
  • Update YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET with your oauth2 client secret.
  • Update YOUR_REDIRECT_URI with the fully qualified redirect URI, e.g., http://localhost/app.php.
  • Update YOUR_API_KEY with your API key.
  • Update YOUR_PROJECT_DEFAULT_ID with your project ID, which can be found by visiting and selecting a project.
  1. Update app.php with remaining default settings. Search and replace all strings starting with 'YOUR_DEFAULT_' with their associated values.

Running the Sample Application

  1. Load app.php on your web server, and visit the appropriate website in your web browser.

More Information