MediaRouter sample app for adding a Cast button for an Android app
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This sample app shows how to use Android's MediaRouter to add a Cast button to a Google Cast sender app. There are 3 ways to add a Cast button: MediaRouterActionProvider, MediaRouteButton or a custom button. Note this sample app does not control a Google Cast device like Chromecast; it is only meant to show how to add a Cast button to an Android app.


  • The Android SDK android-support-v7-appcompat and android-support-v7-mediarouter support libraries (at least revision 19).
  • The Android SDK google-play-services_lib library (at least version 4.2.34)

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Your use of this sample is subject to, and by using or downloading the sample files you agree to comply with, the Google APIs Terms of Service and the Google Cast SDK Additional Developer Terms of Service.


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