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Your first Polymer element

This repo goes with the Build your first Polymer element codelab.

The codelab is designed to be used with Chrome Dev Editor. See the next section if you'd like to use another editor for the codelab.

Running the codelab without Chrome Dev Editor

If you're not using CDE, you'll need to install some command-line tools to manage dependencies and to run the demo.

  1. Download and install Node from Node includes the node package manager command, npm.

  2. Install bower and polyserve:

    npm install -g bower polymer-cli
  3. Clone this repo:
  4. Change directory to your local repo and install dependencies with bower:

    cd polymer-first-elements
    bower install
  5. To preview your element, run polymer serve from the repo directory:

    polymer serve

    Open localhost:8080/components/icon-toggle/demo/ in your browser. (Note that the path uses icon-toggle—the component name listed in this element's bower.json file—rather than the actual directory name.)

If you're wondering what polymer serve does, see Testing elements with local bower dependencies in the Polymer docs.