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Codelabs command line tool

The program takes an input in form of a resource location, which can either be a Google Doc ID, local file path or an arbitrary URL. It then converts the input into a codelab format, HTML by default.

For more info run claat help.


The easiest way is to download pre-compiled binary. The binaries, as well as their checksums are available at the Releases page.

Alternatively, if you have Go installed:

go install

If none of the above works, compile the tool from source following Dev workflow instructions below.

Dev workflow


  1. Install Go if you don't have it.
  2. Make sure this directory is placed under $GOPATH/src/
  3. Install package dependencies with go get ./... from this directory.

To build the binary, run make.

Testing is done with make test or go test ./... if preferred.

Don't forget to run make lint or golint ./... before creating a new CL.

To create cross-compiled versions for all supported OS/Arch, run make release. It will place the output in bin/claat-<os>-<arch>.