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The Android Things projects used in the Experiments Tent at Google I/O 2017
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Things & Firebase

While building our Experiments Tent for Google I/O 2017, we realized that on-screen controls were so 2016.

So we built a couple things. This repository contains the code that powers the knobs and sliders controlling The Spirit, as well as the LED lights in the podiums for our Quick, Draw! multiplayer experience.

The Spirit

google i/o 2017

The Spirit controls, located in controller-app/, uses a newly created driver for Android Things, the ADCV2x analog controller. It reads data from the sliders and dials and updates a Firebase Realtime Database.

To make it even easier for developers, we created a simple library named, which connects dat.gui controllers to any Firebase database in just a few lines of code.

Check out controller-app/ for a more detailed look, and look at this fork of The Spirit, here and here, where we implemented

Quick, Draw! Multiplayer

google i/o 2017

The contestant podiums for Quick, Draw! function in the opposite direction.

Rather than send data out, they listen for Firebase Realtime Database value change events, and update their state accordingly. This was especially easy to implement since Quick, Draw! was already using Firebase.

They were way ahead of their time. #trendsetters

Check out the implementation details in quickdraw-podiums/

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