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#!/usr/bin/env python
import psycopg2
import tarfile
import sys
import os
import re
import urllib2
import shutil
import tempfile
from mbslave import Config, ReplicationHook, connect_db, parse_name, fqn
from mbslave.monitoring import StatusReport
def parse_data_fields(s):
fields = {}
for name, value in re.findall(r'''"([^"]+)"=('(?:''|[^'])*')? ''', s):
if not value:
value = None
value = value[1:-1].replace("''", "'").replace("\\\\", "\\")
fields[name] = value
return fields
def parse_bool(s):
return s == 't'
ESCAPES = (('\\b', '\b'), ('\\f', '\f'), ('\\n', '\n'), ('\\r', '\r'),
('\\t', '\t'), ('\\v', '\v'), ('\\\\', '\\'))
def unescape(s):
if s == '\\N':
return None
for orig, repl in ESCAPES:
s = s.replace(orig, repl)
return s
def read_psql_dump(fp, types):
for line in fp:
values = map(unescape, line.rstrip('\r\n').split('\t'))
for i, value in enumerate(values):
if value is not None:
values[i] = types[i](value)
yield values
class PacketImporter(object):
def __init__(self, db, config, ignored_tables, replication_seq, hook):
self._db = db
self._data = {}
self._transactions = {}
self._config = config
self._ignored_tables = ignored_tables
self._hook = hook
self._replication_seq = replication_seq
def load_pending_data(self, fp):
dump = read_psql_dump(fp, [int, parse_bool, parse_data_fields])
for id, key, values in dump:
self._data[(id, key)] = values
def load_pending(self, fp):
dump = read_psql_dump(fp, [int, str, str, int])
for id, table, type, xid in dump:
schema, table = parse_name(self._config, table)
transaction = self._transactions.setdefault(xid, [])
transaction.append((id, schema, table, type))
def process(self):
cursor = self._db.cursor()
stats = {}
for xid in sorted(self._transactions.keys()):
transaction = self._transactions[xid]
#print ' - Running transaction', xid
#print 'BEGIN; --', xid
for id, schema, table, type in sorted(transaction):
if table in self._ignored_tables:
fulltable = fqn(schema, table)
if fulltable not in stats:
stats[fulltable] = {'d': 0, 'u': 0, 'i': 0}
stats[fulltable][type] += 1
keys = self._data.get((id, True), {})
values = self._data.get((id, False), {})
if type == 'd':
sql = 'DELETE FROM %s' % (fulltable,)
params = []
self._hook.before_delete(table, keys)
elif type == 'u':
sql_values = ', '.join('%s=%%s' % i for i in values)
sql = 'UPDATE %s SET %s' % (fulltable, sql_values)
params = values.values()
self._hook.before_update(table, keys, values)
elif type == 'i':
sql_columns = ', '.join(values.keys())
sql_values = ', '.join(['%s'] * len(values))
sql = 'INSERT INTO %s (%s) VALUES (%s)' % (fulltable, sql_columns, sql_values)
params = values.values()
self._hook.before_insert(table, values)
if type == 'd' or type == 'u':
sql += ' WHERE ' + ' AND '.join('%s%s%%s' % (i, ' IS ' if keys[i] is None else '=') for i in keys.keys())
#print sql, params
cursor.execute(sql, params)
if type == 'd':
self._hook.after_delete(table, keys)
elif type == 'u':
self._hook.after_update(table, keys, values)
elif type == 'i':
self._hook.after_insert(table, values)
#print 'COMMIT; --', xid
print ' - Statistics:'
for table in sorted(stats.keys()):
print ' * %-30s\t%d\t%d\t%d' % (table, stats[table]['i'], stats[table]['u'], stats[table]['d'])
def process_tar(fileobj, db, schema, ignored_tables, expected_schema_seq, replication_seq, hook):
print "Processing",
tar =, mode='r:bz2')
importer = PacketImporter(db, schema, ignored_tables, replication_seq, hook)
for member in tar:
schema_seq = int(tar.extractfile(member).read().strip())
if schema_seq != expected_schema_seq:
raise Exception("Mismatched schema sequence, %d (database) vs %d (replication packet)" % (expected_schema_seq, schema_seq))
elif == 'TIMESTAMP':
ts = tar.extractfile(member).read().strip()
print ' - Packet was produced at', ts
elif in ('mbdump/Pending', 'mbdump/dbmirror_pending'):
elif in ('mbdump/PendingData', 'mbdump/dbmirror_pendingdata'):
def download_packet(base_url, replication_seq):
url = base_url + "/replication-%d.tar.bz2" % replication_seq
print "Downloading", url
data = urllib2.urlopen(url)
except urllib2.HTTPError, e:
if e.code == 404:
return None
tmp = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(suffix='.tar.bz2')
shutil.copyfileobj(data, tmp)
return tmp
config = Config(os.path.dirname(__file__) + '/mbslave.conf')
db = connect_db(config)
base_url = config.get('MUSICBRAINZ', 'base_url')
ignored_tables = set(config.get('TABLES', 'ignore').split(','))
hook_class = ReplicationHook
cursor = db.cursor()
cursor.execute("SELECT current_schema_sequence, current_replication_sequence FROM %s.replication_control" %'musicbrainz'))
schema_seq, replication_seq = cursor.fetchone()
status = StatusReport(schema_seq, replication_seq)
if config.monitoring.enabled:
while True:
replication_seq += 1
hook = hook_class(config, db, config)
tmp = download_packet(base_url, replication_seq)
if tmp is None:
print 'Not found, stopping'
process_tar(tmp, db, config, ignored_tables, schema_seq, replication_seq, hook)
if config.monitoring.enabled:
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