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Strava Activities Community Connector for Data Studio

This is not an official Google product

This Data Studio Community Connector queries Strava activity data for an authenticated user.

This connector uses the Strava API.

Set up the Community Connector for personal use

To use this Community Connector in Data Studio there is a one-time setup to deploy your own personal instance of the connector using Apps Script. The connector also requires additional setup in Strava to configure OAuth.

1. Deploy the connector

Follow the deployment guide to deploy the Community Connector.

2. Strava OAuth Configuration

  1. Create a Strava API Application

  2. Set the Authorization Callback Domain to

  3. Make note of your Client ID and Client Secret.

  4. Visit Google Apps Script and open your Strava connector Apps Script project. Click File -> Project Properties -> Script Properties. Using the information obtained from Strava, add the following key-value pairs as script properties:

    Key Value

Using the connector in Data Studio

Once you've set up and deployed the connector, follow the Use a Community Connector guide to use the connector in Data Studio.

Note: After using the connector in Data Studio, as long as you do not revoke access, it will remain listed in the connector list for easy access when creating a new data source.


This app isn't verified

When authorizing the community connector, if you are presented with an "unverified" warning screen see This app isn't verified for details on how to proceed.

Developer examples and use cases covered in the connector

  • DataStudioApp Example of using the DataStudioApp Service in Apps Scripts.
  • Caching Example of using the Apps Scripts CacheService to improve the average performance of the connector.
  • OAUTH2 Authentication Example of using OAUTH2 for authentication.
  • Using Project Properties Example of how to use Project Properties (Specifically Script Properties) to save data needed for script execution. Script Properties are useful in situations where values are needed for script execution, but shouldn't be put into source files. In this case, we put an OAUTH2 "client id" and "client secret" into the Script Properties.
  • Testing Your Connector Example of how you can use simple Apps Script functions for testing behavior.
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