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Development repo of Inconsolata Fonts by Raph Levien
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Open-source monospace font for code listings, originally by @raphlinus


Inconsolata includes ligatures for a few JavaScript operators:

Ligatures sample

They are available in two families.

  • "Inconsolata" exposes the ligatures as dlig. These are disabled by default, and probably won't show up in your editor. You can enable them in CSS with this rule:
    font-variant-ligatures: discretionary-ligatures;
  • "Ligconsolata" exposes the ligatures as liga. These are enabled by default. This is the family you should use in your text editor.

Changelog v.2.013

  • Removed ligatures for fi and fl.
  • Operator ligatures moved to dlig.
  • New variant "Ligconsolata" introduced, which exposes operator ligatures as liga.

Changelog v.2.011

March 2018 glyph set expansion was completed by @appsforartists, which included:

  • Glyph Set expanded to include ligatures for ===, !==, =>, <=, >=, ->, <-

Changelog v.2.001

August 2016 glyph set expansion was completed by Alexei Vanyashin ( Cyreal ), which included:

  • Glyph Set expanded to GF Latin Pro
  • Additional glyphs ⊕↑↗→↘↓↙←↖↔↕⇧⇨⇩⇦⬆⮕⬇⬅●○◆◇☹☺☻♠♣♥♦✓✔✕✗✘␣⎋⌂⇪⌧⌫⌦⌥⌘⏎�
  • Minor design improvements (trademark corner spurs)

Further reading: Inconsolata expansion project thread on Google Fonts Discussions

Supported glyphs sets:

  • GF Latin Pro

Inconsolata Preview


This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. This license is copied below, and is also available with a FAQ at:

Inconsolata Build Instructions

Source Files

Inconsolata source files are available in .glyphs format located in the /sources directory.

Adding ligatures

  1. Follow the "Creating the ligature" section of the Glyphs ligatures tutorial.
  2. Name your new glyph with the suffix .dlig, for instance bar_greater.dlig.
  3. Open the Font Info panel.
    1. Switch to the Features tab.
    2. Click dlig in the sidebar.
    3. Click the Update button at the bottom of the panel.
    4. Switch to the Instances tab.
    5. Update the Rename Glyphs value for "Ligconsolata Regular" to include a new line for your new glyph, for instance:
    6. Update the Rename Glyphs value for "Ligconsolata Bold".
  4. Export the font, as explained below.

Font Export options

  • TTF and OTF files should be exported into /fonts/ttf and /fonts/otf folders.

  • TTFs should be generated from Glyphs App with Autohint option checked. At the moment there is no custom build script required to produce font files, since default TTFautohinting options suffice.

Font Export Options

  • OTFs should be generated with these options:
    • Remove Overlap
    • Autohint
    • Save as TTF
      • Export destination: $REPO_PATH/fonts/otf


Copyright 2006 The Inconsolata Project Authors


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