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A variable decorative sans by David Berlow.

Examples of Decovar

The documentation contains a description of the project and typographic contents of the repo.

The fonts folder contains the DecovarAlpha-VF.ttf file, the variable font.

The sources folder contains the fonts with axis data in their names, used to create the Variations Font.

Screenshot of Decovar in RoboFont


Each of Decovar’s axes has a default value of 0 and a maximum value of 1000, and are defined in the designspace file. Currently, Decovar’s axes (and their four letter tags) are as follows:

  • BLDA: Inline
  • BLDB: Worm
  • WMX2: Weight
  • SKLA: Inline Skeleton
  • SKLB: Worm Skeleton
  • SKLD: Stripes
  • TRMA: Rounded
  • TRMB: Flared
  • TRMC: Rounded Slab
  • TRMD: Sheared
  • TRME: Bifurcated
  • TRMF: Open Inline Terminal
  • TRMG: Slab
  • TRMK: Inline Terminal
  • TRML: Worm Terminal

You can implement them in CSS like this:

font-variation-settings: "SKLA" 1000, "TRMG" 750;


The Decovar variable font was created with RoboFont and is generated using fontmake. A build script is included that will build the variable font using fontmake, copy it to the /fonts folder, and offer a subsetted version.

$ cd sources/2-build
$ bash