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Font quality assurance tool written in Python 3.
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Font Bakery

Font Bakery is a command-line tool for checking the quality of font projects.

For a quick overview, check out the list of checks currently offered.

And for a full introduction check out our documentation at Read The Docs.

Font Bakery has an active community of contributors from foundries around the world, including Adobe Fonts, Dalton Maag, Type Network, and Google Fonts. Please join our developer chat channel at

Font Bakery is not an official Google project, and Google provides no support for it. However, throughout 2018, 2019 and 2020 the core project maintainers Felipe Corrêa da Silva Sanches and Lasse Fister are commissioned by the Google Fonts team to maintain it.


Font Bakery is available under the Apache 2.0 license.


See the Font Bakery Installation Guide for your platform:


Font Bakery is primarily a Terminal app, learn more in the Command Line Usage Guide.

If you write little Python scripts in your workflow, you can easily write custom checks.

For full developer documentation, check out (a hosted and compiled copy of contents in the /docs directory.)


See the guide to Getting Started as a Contributor.

Web Dashboard

A web dashboard for monitoring check-results of project collections is at


The project was initiated by Dave Crossland in 2013 to accelerate the onboarding process for Google Fonts. In 2017 Lasse Fister and Felipe Sanches rewrote it into a modern, modular architecture suitable for both individuals and large distributors. Felipe has maintained the check contents since 2016.

Lasse also began a sister project, Font Bakery Dashboard: A UI and a cloud system that scales up for checking 1,000s of font files super fast and in parallel, by using 1,000s of "container" virtual machines. See his TypoLabs 2018 talk on YouTube and its presentation deck.

Most of the checks are for OpenType binary files, and project metadata files. (Currently, the Google Fonts METADATA.pb files are supported.)

If you are developing a font project publicly with Github (or a similar host) you can set up a Continuous Integration service (like Travis) to run Font Bakery on each commit, so that with each update all checks will be run on your files.


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