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Noto CJK fonts

Download individual fonts from the download guides for Noto Sans CJK or Noto Serif CJK or look in Releases

Release notes and version history are documented separately for Sans and Serif

Noto CJK fonts are also available on Google Fonts but under different names than in this repository:

  • Noto Sans CJK JP is listed there as Noto Sans Japanese
  • Noto Sans CJK KR as Noto Sans Korean
  • Noto Sans CJK SC as Noto Sans Simplified Chinese
  • Noto Sans CJK TC as Noto Sans Traditional Chinese
  • Noto Sans CJK HK as Noto Sans Hong Kong
  • Noto Serif CJK JP as Noto Serif Japanese
  • Noto Serif CJK KR as Noto Serif Korean
  • Noto Serif CJK SC as Noto Serif Simplified Chinese
  • Noto Serif CJK TC as Noto Serif Traditional Chinese