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Noto Emoji

Noto Emoji (Stands for No Tofu) is an open source (Open Font License 1.1) emoji library that provides standard Unicode emoji support and tools for working with them including:

  • A Unicode compliant color emoji font.
  • A full library of Noto color emoji font files including vector svgs and pngs
  • Metadata for Emoji Input (including shortcodes, emoji ordering, ascii equivalents)

Color Font

The latest font file is found here. If you want to download a specific version, please look at the gh-pages branch, where you will find the built assets for both our latest and older versions.

Monochrome Font

The black-and-white emoji font is back under active development and is available as a variable font

Using NotoColorEmoji

NotoColorEmoji uses the CBDT/CBLC color font format, which is supported by Android and Chrome/Chromium OS. Windows supports it starting with Windows 10 Anniversary Update in Chrome and Edge. On macOS, only Chrome supports it, while on Linux it will support it with some fontconfig tweaking, see issue #36. Currently we do not build other color font formats.

A note about PNGs

The assets provided in the repo are all those used to build the NotoColorEmoji font. With one exception: the flag images in the font are PNG images to which transforms have been applied to standardize the size and generate the wave and border shadow. We do not have SVG versions that reflect these transforms.


Emoji fonts (under the fonts subdirectory) are under the SIL Open Font License, version 1.1.
Tools and most image resources are under the Apache license, version 2.0. Flag images under third_party/region-flags are in the public domain or otherwise exempt from copyright (more info).


Please read CONTRIBUTING if you are thinking of contributing to this project.