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This is the source repository for Roboto: Google’s signature family of fonts, the default font on Android and Chrome OS, and the recommended font for Google’s visual language, Material Design.

It also contains the toolchain used in creating Roboto.

The font family supports all Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek characters in Unicode 7.0, as well as the currency symbol for the Georgian lari, to be published in Unicode 8.0.

The fonts are currently available in eighteen different styles.

Subsetted webfonts are also available from Google Fonts.


Create a clean directory for Roboto:

mkdir -p $HOME/roboto-src
cd $HOME/roboto-src

Download the Roboto tools and sources:

git clone

Create a virtual Python environment (optional but recommended):

pip install --user virtualenv
virtualenv roboto-env
source roboto-env/bin/activate

Download and install the dependencies (currently requires Python 2, not 3):

cd roboto
pip install -r requirements.txt

Optional additional setup for running tests

Download the latest tarball release of HarfBuzz here and extract it into the home directory as $HOME/harfbuzz (alternatively, you can download the latest source from GitHub via git clone

Build and install HarfBuzz:

cd $HOME/harfbuzz
sudo make install
cd $HOME/roboto-src/

On Ubuntu (or other distributions of GNU/Linux, using the appropriate package manager), make sure eog is installed:

sudo apt-get install eog


cd roboto