A simple web application that demonstrates how javascript can be used to fetch data from the Google Genomics APIs.
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This example is deprecated. The Google Genomics v1beta2 API is scheduled for turndown on August 15, 2016. When the API is turned down, this example will cease to function.
For an example of accessing the Google Genomics v1 API from Javascript, see the Getting Started with the API repository.

Getting started

There are html and js files in this repository. You can open the index.html files in your browser directly, but the javascript APIs won't work unless the HTML is hosted somewhere. (The Bootstrap css won't load from a file:// prefix either)

To run a simple HTTP server locally, you can use python:

cd api-client-javascript
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

This will start a local server. Visit http://localhost:8000/traitviewer to see the javascript example.

To get data from the API, you will also need to use a real Client ID.

  • First create a Genomics enabled project in the Google Developers Console.

  • Once you are redirected to the Credentials tab, click Create new Client ID under the OAuth section.

  • Set Application type to Web application, and change the Authorized javascript origins to http://localhost:8000

  • Click the Create Client ID button

  • From the newly created Client ID for web application, find the Client ID value.

  • Using that Client ID value, load the code at: http://localhost:8000/traitviewer#your-client-id-goes-here

Note: If you want to run the code on any other domain, make sure you update the javascript origins on your Client ID to include that new domain.

Code layout

  • traitviewer/index.html:

    loads Bootstrap and jQuery

    The file contains some simple html construction based on the traits json variable. It then uses googlegenomics.jquery.js to search variants and lookup genotype information for a callset.

  • googlegenomics.jquery.js:

    this is a work-in-progress jQuery plugin that makes fetching data from the Genomics API a bit easier. It wraps Google's javascript client library.

Project status


  • Provide an example of how to use the javascript client library.
  • Demonstrate how the variant APIs can be used to get call set data.

Current status

Code needs some cleanup, but not much else is planned at this time.