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Simple GDK example acting as a compass. In addition to the visual display, you can tap the touchpad to have Glass speak your current orientation aloud.
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This sample inserts a live card to the left of the Glass clock that displays a compass. Tapping the live card presents a menu with two options:

  • Read aloud: read the compass's current heading using text-to-speech
  • Stop: remove the compass from the timeline

The compass also contains a small list of landmarks that will appear on the screen when the user is within 10 km of those locations. See the res/raw/landmarks.json file to add your own.

Getting started

Check out our documentation to learn how to get started on

Running the sample on Glass

You can use your IDE to compile and install the sample or use adb on the command line:

$ adb install -r CompassSample.apk

To start the sample, say "ok glass, show a compass" from the Glass clock screen or use the touch menu.

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