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![] Application Resource Bundle (ARB)

Application Resource Bundle (abbr. ARB) is a localization resource format that is simple (based on JSON), extensible (vocabulary can be added without affecting existing tools and usage), and directly usable (applications can access the resource directly from this format without converting to another form).

In ARB, localizable resources are encoded as a JSON object. Each resource will have a resource entry identified by resource key, and an optional resource attribute entry with resource attribute key.


This is the ARB supporting library in Javascript. ARB is not restricted to any specific platform/languager. Issues in web application has been addressed carefully, as this is where localization practice lacked behind.


This is actually a sample app for use with our Javascript supporting library.


A tool written in Java to automate resource extraction. It uses a generic parser (Antlr), which allow it to deal with many kinds of languages.


The specification for ARB design.


Thirdparty code used in ARB.