Tool to build color fonts using Google color-font format
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This project consists of the following bits and pieces:

  * A proposed specification to add support for embedded color image
    glyphs in OpenType fonts,

  * A tool called, to embed a set of PNG images into
    an existing font,

  * Two sets of sample PNG images for ASCII characters and sample
    scripts to build them into test fonts: FruityGirl and Funkster.

  * Scripts to build a real color emoji font out of the Open Source
    PhantomOpenEmoji images.

Discussions about this work happen at:!forum/color-emoji

Here is the version 1 of the spec:

Here is the announcement:

Support for this format was included in FreeType in May 2013.  Support
has also been included in Fontconfig, as well Skia graphics library.
A proof-of-concept patchset for the Cairo graphics library to use
fallback software rendering for the Xlib backend with support for color
glyphs is at

Currently, Android, ChromeOS, Chrome Linux, as well as certain versions
of Firefox support rendering fonts built using this format.

This format is now part of OpenType specification, version 1.7: