Demo app that displays fonts with a free/libre/open-source text rendering stack: FreeType, HarfBuzz and Raqm
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felipesanches and brawer fix the ordering of c++ params when building on GNU+Linux (#47)
I needed this reordering so that I was able to build it against freetype/harfbuzz libs on /usr/local/lib
Latest commit 62c8f40 Jun 4, 2018

FontView Build Status

“FontView” is a little demo app that shows the contents of a font file. It opens *.ttf, *.otf, *.ttc, *.otc, *.pfa, and *.pfb files. To render text, FontView uses the open-source libraries FreeType, HarfBuzz, and Raqm. FontView is not an official Google product; use it at your own risk.


You’re very welcome to contribute changes, for example if you’d like porting the tool to other platforms than macOS. (Because the program only calls cross-platform libraries, porting should actually be quite easy). Likewise, please don’t hesitate to add new features; simply send a GitHub pull request when your change is ready.

Building on macOS

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd fontview
$ python2.7 && ./build/

Building on Linux

You need to first install wxWidgets as well as latest versions of FreeType, HarfBuzz and FriBiDi.

$ git clone
$ cd fontview
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update src/third_party/raqm/libraqm
$ python && ./build/fontview