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Noto Serif CJK 1.001 Release Notes
May 8, 2017
This is an update to Noto Serif CJK 1.000. It was built by Dr. Ken Lunde (小林劍󠄁)
on May 1, 2017 and released on May 8, 2017.
General Notes
• The OS/2.usWeightClass value for ExtraLight was changed from 250 to 200.
See .
• Mappings for U+3164 and U+2D544 (Extension F) were added to all CMap resources,
and the Adobe-Japan1 IVS <U+2D544,U+E0100> was added to the Japanese IVS definition
file, SourceHanSerif_JP_sequences.txt.
See .
• The glyphs for U+2EC1 ⻁, U+2EEA ⻪, U+2F2C 屮, and U+4EBD 亽 now map to
uni864EuE0101-JP, uni9EFE-CN, uni5C6E-CN, and uni4EBD-CN, respectively, in
all CMap resources.
See .
• The glyphs for the 52 half-width jamo—U+FFA0 through U+FFBE, U+FFC2 through U+FFC7,
U+FFCA through U+FFCF, U+FFD2 through U+FFD7, and U+FFDA through U+FFDC—now map to
the glyphs for compatibility jamo (U+3131 through U+3164).
• The alternate proportional digits and punctuation, along with the alternate
half-width punctuation, were added to the scope of the ‘fwid’, ‘hwid’, and ‘pwid’ GSUB features.
Simplified Chinese
• CN glyphs for U+35EB 㗫, U+385C 㡜, U+5015 倕, U+57F5 埵, U+618F 憏, U+63EF 揯, U+6456 摖, U+6660 晠,
U+66A9 暩, U+68B1 梱, U+6F08 漈, U+76E4 盤, U+7808 砈, U+78DC 磜, U+7A07 稇, U+7A44 穄, U+7BA0 箠,
U+83D9 菙, U+92EE 鋮, U+9318 錘, U+969B 際, U+9BCE 鯎, and U+9C36 鰶 were added.
• The glyphs for U+2F22 夊, U+2F58 爻, U+4F8D 侍, U+62FF 拿, U+6301 持, U+6641 晁, U+6C35 氵, U+6DE6 淦,
U+6DFC 淼, U+6EB4 溴, and U+81EC 臬 now map to uni590A-CN, uni723B-CN, uni4F8D-JP, uni62FF-JP,
uni6301-JP, uni6641-JP, uni6C35-JP, uni6DE6-JP, uni6DFC-JP, uni6EB4-JP, and uni81EC-JP, respectively.
• The CN glyphs uni3E76-CN, uni414D-CN, uni4A60-CN, uni4BD5-CN, uni4C53-CN, uni4F5B-CN, uni4FB9-CN,
uni596E-CN, uni5957-CN, uni5A17-CN, uni5EAD-CN, uni5EF7-CN, uni5F73-CN, uni602B-CN, uni62C2-CN,
uni633A-CN, uni6883-CN, uni6C11-CN, uni6C1F-CN, uni6CB8-CN, uni6D8F-CN, uni6E88-CN, uni70F6-CN,
uni73FD-CN, uni7829-CN, uni7D8E-CN, uni7ECB-CN, uni8121-CN, uni8247-CN, uni8713-CN, uni8A94-CN,
uni8B04-CN, uni92CC-CN, uni94E4-CN, uni95AE-CN, uni9F2E-CN, uniFF1B-CN, uniFE14-CN, and u2CD9F-CN
were tweaked or corrected.
See and
Traditional Chinese—TW
• TW glyphs for U+4FB9 侹, U+5EAD 庭, U+5EF7 廷, U+633A 挺, U+6883 梃, U+6D8F 涏, U+6DEB 淫, U+73FD 珽,
U+7D8E 綎, U+7F54 罔, U+8713 蜓, U+8DA3 趣, U+92CC 鋌, U+95AE 閮, and U+9832 頲 were added.
• The glyphs for U+2F61 瓦, U+2FCC 黽, U+504F 偏, U+5553 啓, U+555F 啟, U+58F3 壳, U+58FE 壾, U+591A 多,
U+61DC 懜, U+627F 承, U+6902 椂, U+6903 椃, U+6947 楇, U+7171 煱, U+76EC 盬, U+77A2 瞢, U+77D2 矒,
U+8019 耙, U+803B 耻, U+8B04 謄, and U+9BF1 鯱 now map to uni74E6-JP, uni9EFD-JP, uni504FuE0101-JP,
uni5553uE0101-JP, uni555F-JP, uni58F3-JP, uni58FE-JP, uni591A-JP, uni61DC-JP, uni627F-JP, uni6902-JP,
uni6903-JP, uni6947-JP, uni7171-JP, uni76EC-CN, uni77A2uE0101-JP, uni77D2-JP, uni8019-JP, uni803B-JP,
uni8B04-CN, and uni9BF1-JP, respectively.
• The glyphs uni511A-TW, uni5922-TW, uni5A6C-TW, uni5FB5-TW, uni61F5-TW, uni750B-TW, uni750D-TW,
uni7AC5-TW, uni7D73-TW, uni83E1-TW, uni858E-TW, uni85A8-TW, uni8609-TW, uni9138-TW, uni91C5-TW, and
uniFF0C-TW were tweaked or corrected.
See and
• The JP glyphs uni3CDA-JP, uni3D93-JP, uni507D-JP, uni5316uE0101-JP, uni595C-JP, uni6C2B-JP, uni70BA-JP,
uni7669-JP, uni81F7-JP, uni8285-JP, uni82B1uE0101-JP, and uni9B58-JP were tweaked or corrected.
See and
• The glyphs for a small number of kana, to include annotated versions thereof, were tweaked in very minor
• The glyphs for U+5173 关 and U+5BE7 寧 now map to uni5173-CN and uni5BE7uE0100-JP, respectively.
• The glyphs uniC625, uniC73D, uni1178, uni118C.vjmo01, uni1190.vjmo01, uni1192.vjmo01, uni11ED,
uni11ED.tjmo01, uni11ED.tjmo02, uni11ED.tjmo03, uni11ED.tjmo04, uniD7B5, uniD7B5.vjmo01,
uniD7F5, uniD7F5.tjmo01, uniD7F5.tjmo02, uniD7F5.tjmo03, uniD7F5.tjmo04, uniD7F6, uniD7F6.tjmo01,
uniD7F6.tjmo02, uniD7F6.tjmo03, uniD7F6.tjmo04, uni1112uni119Euni11D9, uni1140uni1175uni11D9, and
uni114Cuni116Funi11D9 were corrected.
• The no-op uni115F to uni115F substitutions were removed from the six “ljmo_0n” lookups, referenc-
es to uni115F were removed from the six “ljmo_xxxxxx” lookups, and glyph classes are now used for the
“ljmo_xxxxxx,” “vjmo_xxxxxx,” and “tjmo_xxxxxx” lookups.
Noto Serif CJK is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.
See HISTORY for prior release notes.