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dougfelt Some tooling updates for android u11.
Note this does not change image files.

- modify emoji_builder so we can use a flag to control whether to use
  big or small glyph metrics.  android has legacy tooling that expects
  small metrics.  we leave the default in emoji_builder to use big metrics
  but in the makefile default the flag we pass to request small metrics.
  eventually this should shake out to big metrics.
- support more flags by default (not all yet).  Note we omit some in the
  Makefile that we use aliases for-- we don't need their images.
- add aliases for some new flags
- remove new flags from 'unknown flag aliases' list
- unalias some emoji we will have custom images for
- bump version number
- add annnotations file for u11 new and changed emoji
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This project consists of the following bits and pieces:

  * A proposed specification to add support for embedded color image
    glyphs in OpenType fonts,

  * A tool called, to embed a set of PNG images into
    an existing font,

  * Two sets of sample PNG images for ASCII characters and sample
    scripts to build them into test fonts: FruityGirl and Funkster.

  * Scripts to build a real color emoji font out of the Open Source
    PhantomOpenEmoji images.