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amuramoto and wangela Update gradle files to resolve build errors in tutorials (#118)
* upgrade gradle version and gradle file

* update gradle for mapwithmarker tutorial

* update gradle for polygons tutorial

* update gradle for styled map tutorial
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Google Maps Android API Sample: Current Place Details

This sample goes hand in hand with a tutorial for the Google Maps Android API: Select Current Place and Show Details on a Map.


  • Android SDK v24
  • Latest Android Build Tools
  • Android Support Repository

Getting started

This sample uses the Gradle build system.

  1. Download the samples by cloning this repository or downloading an archived snapshot. (See the options at the top of the page.)
  2. In Android Studio, create a new project and choose the "Import non-Android Studio project" or "Import Project" option.
  3. Select the CurrentPlaceDetailsOnMap directory that you downloaded with this repository.
  4. If prompted for a gradle configuration, accept the default settings. Alternatively use the "gradlew build" command to build the project directly.
  5. Add your API key to your app's file. (For information on getting an API key, see the documentation.)


If you have discovered an issue with the Google Maps Android API v2, please see the resources here:

If you've found an error in these samples, please file an issue:



Please refer to the LICENSE at the root of this repo.

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