Quick start with the Google Maps Android API
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Please note: This repository is not currently maintained, and is kept for historical purpose only. You can find an up to date tutorial here: https://github.com/googlemaps/android-samples/tree/master/tutorials/MapWithMarker

A fast way to get started with the Google Maps Android API v2. Analytics

Current version of library dependencies:

  • Google Play Services Maps 8.4.0



Java Development Kit (JDK) Download

Android SDK Download

Android Studio

Download Android Studio

Download Android Studio (http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html)

Open the project

  1. On the welcome screen, select "Open an existing Android Studio project" or if you have a project open, choose "File->Open...""
  2. Navigate to the checked out project
  3. Press "Ok"

Add your API key

  1. Navigate to google_maps_api.xml
  2. Replace "your_api_key" with an API key generated using these instructions

Run the app

  1. Ensure your phone is in plugged in, developer mode enabled and screen unlocked
  2. Press the green arrow, or choose Run>Run


I see a grey map

Follow the instructions under "Add your API key" and try again. The logcat output will also provide useful information if there is a configuration issue with the package name, signing certificate or API key.

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