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Google Maps JavaScript API v3 Utilities

Note: All packages are have been moved to individual repositories and placed in the @googlemaps NPM scope!


In this project you can find a utility packages developed for the Google Maps JavaScript API V3.


Documentation for the utility packages below can be found at


The following packages have never been officially published and are not maintained. Please open an issue to prioritize their inclusion.

  • ArcGIS Server Link
  • CanvasLayer
  • ExtOverviewMapControl
  • Geolocation Marker
  • InfoBox
  • InfoBubble
  • KeyDragZoom
  • MapLabel
  • RichMarker
  • RouteBoxer
  • StyledMarker

Other Resources


These libraries are community supported. We're comfortable enough with the stability and features of the libraries that we want you to build real production applications on it.

If you find a bug, or have a feature suggestion, please log an issue. If you'd like to contribute, please read How to Contribute.