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#SMS Simulator for iOS 11.3.1

Simulates SMS deliver PDUs locally on an iOS device

Written and maintained by Natalie Silvanovich,



  • Using this simulator requires a jailbroken device
  • Using this simulator requires the device to have a working SIM card that can receive SMS

To set up simulator:

  1. Build lib.c by calling:

clang++ -isysroot /Applications/ -arch arm64 -dynamiclib lib.c -Wl,-undefined,dynamic_lookup -g -o sim.lib

  1. Build sms.m by calling:

clang -isysroot /Applications/ -fobjc-arc -arch arm64 -fmodules -framework CoreTelephony sms.m -o sms -Wno-implicit-function-declaration

  1. Transfer sim.lib and sms to the device. Sign them with sms.xml entitlements and copy them to user/bin

  2. Create a symlink:

ln -s /usr/bin/sim.lib /usr/local/lib/libCTTestUtil.dylib

  1. Attach the debugger to CommCenter and set a breakpoint at discardMTSmsOnThisDevice

  2. Send a SMS to the device, and wait for it to hit the breakpoint. Print out the value of the register x21

  3. Set a breakpoint at CTSimulateSmsReceived and continue in the debugger

  4. Run:

sms AAAA

and wait for the new breakpoint to be hit

  1. Run the the following command in the debugger:

expr mycontroller = (void*) PRINTED_X21_VAL

  1. You can now simulate sms messages by running:


for example:

sms 07911326040000F0040B911346610089F60000208062917314080CC8F71D14969741F977FD07

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