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Donald Chai and keyboardsurfer Update to Gradle plugin 3.2.0.
* remove ProGuard directives from non-base module
* upgrade Kotlin plugin to >= 1.2.51
* remove unnecessary buildToolsVersion directive
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Android Instant Apps - Flavors Sample

This sample introduces the usage of product flavors within an Instant App.

There are two flavors available:

  • free
  • paid

These flavors are declared within features/base/build.gradle. The implementation details can be found within features/base/src.

Each feature module that depends on the base feature module will have to declare at least the same product flavors within its build.gradle file.

Launch URLs

https://hello-flavors.instantappsample.com/hello -> HelloActivity
https://hello-flavors.instantappsample.com/goodbye -> GoodbyeActivity

Build paths

The build paths for this sample differ from the default build path. Depending on the flavor, the debug build output is within either of the following:



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