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# How to become a contributor and submit your own code
To contribute with a small fix, simply create a pull request. If you want to add a new sample or plan to request a big change, [contact us](!forum/android-testing-support-library) first.
## Contributing new samples
If you want to contribute full samples, we'd love to review and accept them. In case you need ideas, these are some samples on the roadmap:
* Advanced Idling Resource
* RecyclerView actions
* Sharding
* RunListener
* Rules
You can also contribute to this list if you have a sample request.
## Code style and structure
Please check out the [Code Style for Contributors]( section in AOSP. Also, check out the rest of the samples and maintain as much consistency with them as possible.
## Contributor License Agreements
We'd love to accept your sample apps and patches! Before we can take them, we

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