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Djime - A Django-based time tracking tool

** Update - 30th September 2009 **

After seeing the Pinax project evolve, we have spent some time working on integrating Djime with Pinax something which can be used as an intranet. We have codenamed the Pinax - Djime combo Pine. Our own focus is to use Pine rather than using Djime as a stand alone web app. The result of this re factor of Djime is that we now have two examples, a basic project and Pine. Since our focus with Djime has been the move the Pine, the basic project is no longer in a working state. Once we are done tweaking and testing Pine, we will fix the basic project to also work with the changes to the internals of Djime. The Pine version is atm. only dependent on Pinax, and a working version is ready now.

Djime is a an open source project. We are working to create a good time tracking and billing tool using the Django web framework.

The team behind this project is still fairly small, but feel free to join us.

We have:

The source code is also managed on Github.

External django apps needed