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; $Id$
; The name and description of the theme used on the admin/build/themes page.
name = Danablu
description = Danablu (Danish blue cheese), a Zen sub-theme made for the Danish Drupal community site,
; The screenshot used on the admin/build/themes page.
screenshot = screenshot.png
; "core" specifies the version of Drupal that this theme is compatible with.
; "base theme" specifies that this is a theme that uses the "zen" theme as its
; base theme. Its unlikely you will ever need to change these, but they are
; required fields for a Zen sub-theme. The "engine" field is not used in a
; sub-theme since the engine is inherited from its base theme.
core = 6.x
base theme = zen
; This section adds CSS files to your theme. The media type is specified in
; the brackets. Typical CSS media types include "all", "screen", "print", and
; "handheld". See for a full
; list of stylesheet media types in CSS 2.1.
; You can also override any of Zen's stylesheets or any module's stylesheets,
; an /extremely/ useful feature. See the excellent Drupal 6 Theme Guide at
; for more details.
stylesheets[all][] = layout.css
stylesheets[all][] = html-elements.css
; stylesheets[all][] = tabs.css
; stylesheets[all][] = messages.css
; stylesheets[all][] = block-editing.css
; stylesheets[all][] = wireframes.css
stylesheets[all][] = danablu.css
stylesheets[print][] = print.css
; To prevent stylesheets of a base theme or of a module from being included in
; our sub-theme, we specify it in our .info file (and we don't need to have a
; stylesheet in our sub-theme with that name.) For example, we prevent the
; zen.css file in the base theme from being included by specifying it here.
stylesheets[all][] = zen.css
; Set the conditional stylesheets that are processed by IE.
; conditional-stylesheets[if IE][all][] = ie.css
; Optionally add some jquery scripts to your theme.
; scripts[] = script.js
; The regions defined in Zen's default page.tpl.php file. The name in
; brackets is the name of the variable in the page.tpl.php file, (e.g.
; "[content_top]" in the .info file means there should be a $content_top
; variable in the page.tpl.php file.) The text after the equals sign is a
; descriptive text used on the admin/build/blocks page.
; To add a new region, copy Zen's page.tpl.php to your sub-theme's directory,
; add a line line to this file, and then add the new variable to your
; page.tpl.php template.
regions[left] = left sidebar
regions[right] = right sidebar
regions[navbar] = navigation bar
regions[content_top] = content top
regions[content_bottom] = content bottom
regions[postscript_first] = postscript first
regions[postscript_middle] = postscript middle
regions[postscript_last] = postscript last
regions[header] = header
regions[footer] = footer
regions[closure_region] = closure
; Various page elements output by the theme can be toggled on and off. The
; "features" control which of these check boxes display on the
; admin/build/themes config page. This is useful for suppressing check boxes
; for elements not used by your sub-theme. To suppress a check box, omit the
; entry for it below. See the Drupal 6 Theme Guide for more info:
features[] = logo
features[] = name
features[] = slogan
features[] = mission
features[] = node_user_picture
features[] = comment_user_picture
;features[] = search
features[] = favicon
features[] = primary_links
features[] = secondary_links
; Set the default settings to be used in theme-settings.php
settings[zen_block_editing] = 1
settings[zen_breadcrumb] = yes
settings[zen_breadcrumb_separator] = ' › '
settings[zen_breadcrumb_home] = 1
settings[zen_breadcrumb_trailing] = 1
settings[zen_breadcrumb_title] = 0
settings[zen_rebuild_registry] = 1
settings[zen_wireframes] = 0