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trml2pdf - convert a Report Markup Langage (RML) file to a PDF
trml2pdf --help
trml2pdf <input.rml >ouput.pdf
Tiny RML2PDF is a tool to easily create PDF document without programming. It
can be used as a Python library or as a standalone binary. It converts a RML,
an XML dialect that lets you define the precise appearance of a printed
document, to a PDF. You can use your existing tools to generate an input file
that exactly describes the layout of a printed document, and RML2PDF converts
it into PDF. RML is a much more powerfull and flexible alternative to XSL:FO.
The executable read a RML file to the standard input and output a PDF file to
the standard output.
Command-line options
--help: command line options
Create a PDF file:
trml2pdf <input.rml
Use it as a python module:
import trml2pdf
print trml2pdf.parseString(file('file.rml','r').read())
Tiny RML2PDF is a component of the Open Report project. It can be used with the
Tiny Reporting Server to have a complete solution to render PDF file on the
Fabien Pinckaers (