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Expense It! -- Gmail Add-ons Codelab

Quickly add expenses from email receipts to a Google Sheet, all without leaving Gmail.

This project is an example of a Gmail add-on, which can extend the Gmail interface and communicate with external services. It is written in Google Apps Script.

The full version of the project is available for public use and can be installed from the G Suite Marketplace.

Getting Started

You can follow this codelab to build a simplified version of the add-on.


After installing the add-on from the G Suite Marketplace, open Gmail on desktop or mobile and find an electronic receipt. Click on the icon vaguely resembling a receipt: receiptPicture. A form for specifying details about the expense will appear, with the fields already filled. Edit as necessary and submit the form, thereby adding information to a spreadsheet. You can also create a new spreadsheet from within the add-on.


This library is licensed under Apache 2.0. Full license text is available in LICENSE.