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CS:GO competitive PUG plugin

A server running this plugin will alternate between an idle/warmup phase and an actual match.

While waiting for 10 players, the server should be left on some aim/dm type maps. During the idle phase, all players will respawn automatically. When enough players have readied up (via /ready), the game will progress to the match phase.

After all players have readied up, the following steps will occur:

  1. Vote for the map to play.
  2. Vote for team captains.
  3. Pick teams.
  4. Switch to the match map
  5. Wait for all players to load the map and ready up
  6. Live on 3
  7. Play match
  8. Switch back to an aim/dm map and idle


Please note that the plugin has only been tested on Linux dedicated servers. In theory everything should also work on Windows servers, but there are no guarantees.

Plugin Installation

  1. Install SourceMod. SourcePawn include files and Linux binaries for the required extensions are already included with GoonPUG. If you are running a windows server you will need to install the extension .dll's on your own.
  2. Extract the contents of the goonpug_<version>.zip file into your csgo server folder. Everything is properly organized underneath the standard csgo/ directory.
  3. Install the plugin. A 'stable' pre-compiled .smx file is included with the plugin, but this version may not include the latest changes from the git source. If you wish to compile the most recent version of the plugin yourself, please note that it has only been tested using the compiler bundled with SM distrubtions, and the web compiler is not supported.
    cd csgo/addons/sourcemod/scripting
    ./compile.sh goonpug.sp
    cp compiled/goonpug.sp ../plugins/
  4. Configure your server to work properly with the Steam Workshop. Instructions can be found on the Valve Developer Wiki. Please note that you MUST put your API key in webapi_authkey.txt for the plugin to work, even if you run srcds with the -authkey command line option.

Map Configuration

Map rotations must be specified using SourceMod map lists. Example map lists are included with the plugin. Maps specified in goonpug_idle_maplist.txt will be used for the idle/warmup rotation, and maps specified in goonpug_match_maplist.txt will be used for the match map vote selection. If you don't need any special functionality, you can use the example maplists.cfg file as well.

cd csgo/addons/sourcemod/configs
cp maplists.cfg.example maplists.cfg

Please note that workshop maps must be entered as workshop/####/mapname in the maplist files. The "mapname" does not have to match the current name of the map .bsp file for workshop maps since they tend to be updated regularly. The proper .bsp filename will be fetched via the Steam Workshop API.

Plugin Cvars

GoonPUG cvars can be set or overridden in your sourcemod.cfg file.

  • gp_web_api_enabled specifies whether or not the plugin should use the goonpug-web stats API. Defaults to "0".
  • gp_web_api_url specifies the URL for the goonpug-web stats API. This has no effect if gp_web_api_enabled is set to zero. URLs should be entered with the /api suffix (e.g. http://goonpug.com/api)

Server configs

Two .cfg files are included with GoonPUG and can be found in csgo/cfg. The default values should be sufficient for most users, but they can be customized as necessary.

  • goonpug_pug.cfg will be executed for any matches started by the plugin. For convenience, this should be the file executed by your gamemodes_server.txt for the Classic Competitive gametype.
  • goonpug_warmup.cfg will be executed for any warmup rounds.

User Commands

All user commands can be prefixed in chat with any one of the ., ! or / characters. They can also be issued in the console by prefixing the command with sm_. For example, to ready up a player could say any one of .ready, !ready or /ready in chat, or the player could use sm_ready in his or her console.

  • .ready Set yourself as ready.
  • .notready Set yourself as not ready.
  • .unready Alias for .notready.

Admin Commands

All admin commands require the SM ADMIN_CHANGEMAP privilege. Admin commands can be prefixed with ! or / in chat, or with sm_ in the console. Currently, the plugin admin commands do not appear in the sm_admin menu.

  • /lo3 Start a match with the current teams and on the current map.
  • /endmatch End the current match. Match results and stats will be saved to the GoonPUG server and the GO:TV demo will be saved.
  • /abortmatch Abort the current match. Match results and stats will not be saved and the GO:TV demo will be discarded.
  • /restartmatch Restart the current match. Note that if the match is in the second half, the plugin will swap the teams back to the sides they originally started on.


The GoonPUG plugin can optionally sync players' statistics (including RWS) with the goonpug-web backend.


GO:TV match demos will be automatically recorded and saved if GO:TV is enabled on the server.


GoonPUG is copyright (c) 2014 Astroman Technologies LLC. GoonPUG is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3. See COPYING.md for more information.