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Goonstation Welcome to the main repository for the Goonstation branch of Space Station 13.

contains technical debtmade with crayonsmade in byond



Want to get the code up and running to test changes? This guide is the place to go.
Be sure to follow it exactly! If you need help, visit the #imcoder channel on our Discord.


Discord Discord is the place to talk to fellow players, admins, and devs in realtime. There's plenty of friendly people there, capable of answering most of your questions.

Forums The forums are where we get most of our player feedback/suggestions and talk about things in a more longform format. This is also the place to appeal any bans or give admin feedback.

Goonhub Our wiki is the place to go for any information you seek on the various constructions, items, game modes, and more in-game. There's also guides for various jobs on station!

Goonhub Goonhub is the premier place for locating statistics, data about rounds, detailed game maps, and all other links pertaining to Goonstation!


Contributing Guidelines Before opening a PR to this codebase, please read our contributor guidelines. It details the requirements of our PR format, and explains our changelog methodology.

Code Documentation For our auto-generated code documentation, visit our code docs! There's some good guides for portions of our codebase, and you can familiarize yourself with our various helpers.

Code Documentation To contribute code to the game, please read our code guide. It details specific DM syntax we encourage, useful things, and some performance-oriented technical discussion.

Spriting Guidelines To contribute sprites to the game, please follow our spriting guidelines! It details the various things we try to keep consistent in our sprites, such as perspective and outlining.

Audio Guidelines To contribute audio to the game, please follow our audio guidelines! It details what types of sounds we want to include, things to keep in mind, and the sound cache.

Mapping Guidelines To contribute maps to the game, please follow our mapping guidelines! It details the required pieces for a map submission. There are also guides on how to map included.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q: I'm getting a compilation error like unable to open +secret\__secret.dme.

You’ll need to create a file named __secret.dme in the +secret subdirectory. It should be blank and have no contents. You can run the initial_setup.bat file to create it automatically. Read the Goonstation Development Guide for additional details.



All Goonstation contributions are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA. See LICENSE for more details.

Important: This means that code from Goonstation cannot be ported to codebases such as /tg/station. If you wish to port a specific feature, you must get the developer(s) to sublicense it to you under a license like AGPLv3. This also applies in the opposite direction for features ported from other codebases.