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A plugin to make it easier to work with the Processing language in vim. It is originally based on sophacles/vim-processing, which was in turn an extension of vim script #2115.

Please note that this plugin has currently only been tested on OS X.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Documentation lookup
  • Run sketches from within vim (experimental and potentially dangerous, read below for more info)

Looking up documentation

This feature requires that your vim has been compliled with python support. Simply move the cursor to the keyword you would like to look up and hit 'K' in normal mode. Note that words followed by an opening paren '(' are treated as functions, so frameRate() and frameRate will go to different pages in the documentation.

By default, reprocessed will try to look up documentation online. However, you can configure it to access local documentation by adding the following line to your .vimrc:

let processing_doc_path="/path/to/processing/docs/on/your/machine"

Of course, you'll want to replace the path with the actual path on your machine. In some cases, I have seen this fail to work on OS X when attempting to link to the documentation withing the application bundle. The solution is to make a copy of that documentation elsewhere on the filesystem.

Running sketches from within vim

WARNING: If you have a directory inside your sketch directory called "bin" then it will be destroyed when you run your sketch using this method. This is because processing-java requires an output directory to be specified, which reprocessed specifies as "bin" in the same directory of your sketch. processing-java will stomp on this directory without warning because we're using the --force option, which is required to prevent you having to delete the directory manually after each run. I plan to make this path configurable at some point in the future, but until then, you have been warned!

This feature requires the processing-java command to be available on your PATH. On Linux & Windows you'll need to add it manually, but on OS X you should be able to install this from within the Pocessing app. See the processing wiki for more information.

Another requirement is that your directory structure follow the pattern that Processing expects: your sketch file should have the same name as the directory in which it exists. If you created your sketch using the Processing app then this is unlikely to be an issue, but it's something to be aware of if you're creating new sketches in vim.

You should be able to run your sketchs using <leader>r. This will save the file before running it. I highly recommend that you use version control to manage your sketches so that you don't lose any work. There are plans to make the key command used to run sketches configurable in the future.


If you're not using either Vundle or Pathogen, I highly recommend that you check them out.

Install with Vundle

Add this to your vimrc in the appropriate place:

Bundle "willpragnell/vim-reprocessed"

Then install:

:so ~/.vimrc

Install with Pathogen

Just clone it:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone


  • Cleanup and update syntax file for Processing 2
  • Make processing-java output path configurable
  • Make processing-java run key command configurable
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