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## Features
+* Syntax highlighting
+* Documentation lookup
* Run sketches from within vim (experimental and potentially dangerous,
read below for more info)
+### Looking up documentation
+This feature requires that your vim has been compliled with python support.
+Simply move the cursor to the keyword you would like to look up and hit 'K' in
+normal mode. Note that words followed by an opening paren '(' are treated as
+functions, so `frameRate()` and `frameRate` will go to different pages in the
+By default, reprocessed will try to look up documentation online. However, you
+can configure it to access local documentation by adding the following line to
+your `.vimrc`:
+ let processing_doc_path="/path/to/processing/docs/on/your/machine"
+Of course, you'll want to replace the path with the actual path on your machine.
### Running sketches from within vim
__WARNING:__ If you have a directory inside your sketch directory called `bin`
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