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LittleRP2 Open Source Resin Printer


The LittleRP2 is the an update to the LittleRP Open Source Resin Printer that adds additional functionality as well as refinements. Some of the primary differences between the LittleRP and the LittleRP2 are:


  • Wider foodprint to allow for additional vat options
  • Self-sourceable configurable vat
  • Extended height option
  • Convertable to larger build area
  • Additional controller shield options
  • Additional supported projectors
  • MGN12 rail option
  • TR8x2 Leadscrew option
  • Rear shutter access added
  • Common vat nut-trap holddowns


  • Quiet operation (using TMC2100 drivers and Astrosyn dampner)
  • Hinged hood
  • Bent non-glued hood option
  • Solid build plate
  • Z-limit switch
  • Stepper driven shutter / limit switch option
  • Sockethead adjustment for build plate leveling
  • Increased rigidity of top panel attachment

Greater Precision and Print Quality

  • 25 Micron X/Y options for Acer X152H and Optoma HD37 projectors.
  • Astrosyn dampner decouples leadscrew non-eccentricity.

Build Size:

Dimensions vary depending on selected projector but typically projection sizes for the standard height LittleRP2 are:

X: 60-72mm / 110-120mm (w/ Extended Build Area Addon) Y: 42-45mm / 70-75mm (w/ Extended Build Area Addon) Z: 100mm / 200mm (w/ Extended Height Version)

(Build size is now expandable up to 120mm (x) 80mm (y) with the new Extended Build Area Addon).

Recommended Projectors:

Require Focus Modification

Don't Require Focus Modification

  • Acer P1500 (May have focus issues)
  • Acer H6510BD (May have focus issues)
  • ViewSonic PJD7820HD (Same as Acer P1500) (May have focus issues)

Projector Mounting Posistions


LittleRP2 (Standard Height)

alt textalt text

LittleRP2 Extended Height

alt textalt text

LittleRP2 Extended Build Area (Option)

alt text

Discussion Thread

Build Guides

LittleRP2 Build Guide

LittleRP2 Tall Variant Build Guide

LittleRP2 Integrated Vat Build Guide

LittleRP2 Expanded Build Area Option Build Guide

Source File Organization:

DXF - DXF files for lasercut parts.
STL - STL files for 3D printed parts.

Bill of Materials

LittleRP 2 BOM Checklist - Fastener Box Sub-Bags

LittleRP 2 BOM Checklist - Packing

LittleRP 2 PCB Components

LittleRP2 Hardware / Software is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 or greater license:

You are free to:
Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material
for any purpose, even commercially.

The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.


LittleRP2 Open Source Resin Printer






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