MonoTouch Bindings for Sparrow 1.3
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MonoTouch Bindings for Sparrow 1.3

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Currently only a few classes are bound to MonoTouch. So far the bindings seems to work with one exception: You can't derrive from a Sparrow class if you build everything with MonoDevelop.

The reason for this: The /e argument of btouch (see bug #3234). That's why mtouch does not generate subclassable types. To bad that MonoDevelop does not allow to change this default behavior (for Binding Projects). As a workaround a MakeFile now builds Sparrow.dll.

If you need to build it yourself (as long as I do not provide Sparrow.dll as a download) open Terminal, navigate to sparrow-monotouch/ and run the following command:

make all

That's it. To clean up temporary files you might run as well:

make clean

You have successfully build Sparrow.dll. You will find the binding library inside sparrow-monotouch/Sparrow/bin/.

How to build libSparrow.a as an universial static library

$ git clone

Open Sparrow project with Xcode.

Change the build configuration to release.

Compile Sparrow for device and simulator.

Navigate to Sparrow/Products inside the Project navigator.

Right click on libSparrow.a and then choose Show in Finder.

Navigate two directories up.

Open Terminal and drag the path from the Finder into it:

$ cd ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Sparrow.../Build/Products

Now use lipo to create a fat universial library:

$ lipo -output 'libSparrow.a' -create 'Release-iphoneos/libSparrow.a' -arch i386 'Release-iphonesimulator/libSparrow.a'

Now you have a universial static library.