A massive multiplayer online nation building game built using Google Maps.
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A Google Maps game where you fight for control of the earth. Join the game at Landgrab.xyz or join the community at /r/LandGrab.

To set up a local instance

  • Place files in webroot with proper permissions
  • Run sql/landgrab.sql, sql/modify_effects.sql, and the files in sql/worlds as sql commands in database
  • Configure database connection in config/database.php
  • You may need to add your domain under base_url in config/config.php
  • You may want to disable HTTPS redirect in config/autoload.php
  • Set a cron for * * * * * php -f /path/to/application/cron.php
  • Alternatively, hit up localhost/landgrab/cron/1234 to trigger a cron (Change the token under config/constants.php and cron.php for production)