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A Game of Economies, Diplomacy, Warfare on planet earth using Google Maps. Join the game at or join the community at /r/LandGrab.

To set up a local instance

  • Place files in webroot with proper permissions
  • Configure database connection and token in auth.php
  • Run sql/landgrab.sql, and sql/world.sql as sql commands in database
  • You may need to add your domain under base_url in config/config.php
  • You may need to disable HTTPS redirect in config/autoload.php
  • Set a cron for * * * * * php -f /ABSOLUTE_PATH_HERE/crons/CRON_NAME_HERE.php for every cron in the crons folder (Set cycle as desired to match CYCLE_MINUTES constant)
  • Alternatively, use your browser to send a request to localhost/landgrab/cron/CRON_NAME_HERE/TOKEN_HERE to trigger a cron

Unconventional Decisions

  • For performance reasons, many keys are in a constants file to be referenced without needing queries or joins for that value
  • Township inputs are hardcoded because of the complexity of the grouped inputs of food and cash crops
  • Note: api_response and api_error_response both echo and exit so no return needed.
  • In retrospect, I should have used objects to hold the functions, but right now all functions are global.