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ElasticSearch CollectD plugin

A CollectD plugin to collect ElasticSearch stats and metrics. Uses CollectD's Python plugin.


  1. Place in /opt/collectd/lib/collectd/plugins/python (assuming you have collectd installed to /opt/collectd).
  2. Configure the plugin (see below).
  3. Restart collectd.


  • collectd 4.9+
  • ElasticSearch 1.x or newer.


  • See elasticsearch.conf
  • The plugin will automatically determine the version of ElasticSearch you are running.
  • Per-index and cluster stats can be disabled if needed; they are enabled by default.


Node stats

  • Documents (total docs & deleted docs)
  • Store size
  • Indexing (total, time, total delete, delete time)
  • Get (total, time, exists total, exists time, missing total, missing time)
  • Search (total query, total time, total fetch, total fetch time)
  • JVM uptime
  • JVM memory (heap commited, heap Used, non heap commited, non heap used)
  • JVM threads (count & peak)
  • JVM GC (time & count)
  • Transport stats (server open, RX count, RX size, TX count, TX size)
  • HTTP stats (current open & total open)
  • OS stats (CPU percent, file descriptors)
  • Thread pool stats (generic, index, get, snapshot, merge, optimize, bulk, warmer, flush, search, refresh)
  • Cache (field eviction, field size, filter evictions, filter size)
  • JVM collectors
  • FLush (total count, total time)
  • Merges (current count, current docs, current size, merge total size, docs a time)
  • Refresh (Total & Time)

Index stats

  • Transaction log (size, number of operations)
  • Most of the common stats per index and per primary vs. total.

Cluster stats

  • Shard stats (active, initializing, relocating, unassigned, primaries)
  • Nodes (total, data nodes)


CollectD ElasticSearch plugin



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