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This file contains each and every contributor to the GoOSe project. For details on how to join and become a contributor, go here.

Contributor Full Name Email Address (optional) GoOSe Username (same as github)
Clint Savage herlo1 AT gmail DoT com herlo
Derek Carter goobach AT friocorte DoT com goozbach
Ivan Makfinsky ivan AT makfinsky DoT com imak
Mike Adams shalkie AT gooseproject DoT org shalkie
Travis B. Hartwell nafai AT travishartwell DoT net Nafai77
Juan Rodriguez nushio AT fedoraproject dot org Nushio
Mister Guru misteritguru AT gmx DoT com MisterITguru
Adam Barrett utahcon AT utahcon DoT com Utahcon
Olivier Mauras coredumb AT coredumb DoT com coredumb
Trevor Sharpe tsharpe AT gmail DoT com Heartsbane
Nathan George pluggie AT gmail DoT com nage
Thom Carlin bugzilla.acct AT gmail DoT com thom-irc
Andreas Olson overtaking AT gmail DoT com figg3
Cody Diehl DiehlC12 AT gmail DoT com CDesign
Zachary Oglesby zach AT oglesby DoT co zoglesby
Rodney M. Brown kj4ohh AT gmail DoT com kj4ohh
Nick Bebout nick AT bebout DoT net nbebout
Brett Bonner bgbonner AT gmail DoT com bbopen