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About GoOSe Linux

Welcome to the Grand Orthogonal Operating System Experience, or 'GoOSe' Linux. We're a community who believes a community built enterprise operating system is the best way to build an enterprise operating system. GoOSe Linux is not just another enterprise Linux clone, we are using open processes and resources to make a binary compatible enterprise Linux.

The community at GoOSe is what comes first. We believe a strong community provides the best opportunity for continued success. While it might be more work up front to get people going, culture and knowledge sharing are what makes GoOSe Linux unique. Following 'The Open Source Way', we document as we go to help others grow and learn with us. GoOSe is about community, sharing, technology and passion. Join the next phase in enterprise open source, GoOSe Linux!

Get Started with GoOSe

The GoOSe Project is a meritocracy. Those that do the work and get involved decide its direction and focus.

As with any open source project, GoOSe needs contributors. There is always work to be done. If you have interest in helping the GoOSe Project, there are just a few steps you need to take to get involved.

Step 1 - Join the GoOSe Project Mailing List(s)

To participate as a contributor, it's important to use the mailing lists. Here's a list of them all, with a good description of each.

Step 2 - Become a Contributor

The GoOSe Project as a very simple process for joining the project.

Once the pull request is processed and merged into this repository, you will be added to the 'GoOSe' team. This will allow you to submit issues to the main repository.

Step 3 - Upload your SSH public key

Certain activities within the GoOSe community will require access to servers via SSH. To obtain this access, we use ssh public and private key authentication. More info coming regarding this process very soon.