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# - pulls from spacewalk-remote-utils.noarch as a canonical
# list from upstream, sorts and and writes each to a text file
import os, sys
import koji
import time
import urllib2
from urllib2 import HTTPError, URLError
def generate_upstream_rpms(file_to_write):
generate a full list of canonical rpms for all
arches (currenty i386 and x86_64)
print "Generating upstream rpm list"
rpm_list = set()
for fil in FILES:
#print fil
f = open(fil, 'r')
for line in f.readlines():
l = line.rstrip('\n')
if l not in rpm_list:
f = open(file_to_write, 'w+')
for r in sorted(rpm_list):
def _get_packages(pkgs, host, slice_size=100):
loops = (len(pkgs) / 100)
last_loop = (len(pkgs) % 100)
rpm_list = set()
for l in range(loops):
slice_start = 100 * l + 1
slice_end = 100 * l + 100
for p in pkgs[slice_start:slice_end]:
koji_url = '{0}/kojihub'.format(host)
kojiclient = koji.ClientSession(koji_url, {})
# get build package is in
for build in kojiclient.listBuilds(packageID=p['package_id']):
#print "build['task_id']: {0}".format(build['task_id'])
if 'gl6' in build['release'] and build['task_id'] is not None:
children = kojiclient.getTaskChildren(build['task_id'])
for c in [child['id'] for child in children if child['method'] == 'buildArch']:
info = kojiclient.listTaskOutput(c)
#print "INFO: {0}".format(info)
for i in info:
if 'rpm' in i and i not in rpm_list:
return rpm_list
def generate_goose_rpms(tag, host, base_uri, signed_path, gpg_key_id, file_to_write):
print "Generating goose rpm list"
koji_url = '{0}/kojihub'.format(host)
#print 'koji_url {0}'.format(koji_url)
kojiclient = koji.ClientSession(koji_url, {})
pkgs = kojiclient.listPackages(tagID=11,inherited=True)
#temporary hack to only include one package for testing
#pkgs = pkgs[0:45]
rpm_list = _get_packages(pkgs, host)
f = open(file_to_write, 'w+')
f_count = 0
for r in sorted(rpm_list):
def main():
upstream_rpm_file = '/tmp/upstream.rpms'
goose_rpm_file = '/tmp/goose.rpms'
tag = "gl6-beta"
host = ''
base_uri = 'mnt/koji/packages'
signed_path = 'data/signed'
gpg_key_id = '1cdbbb39'
generate_goose_rpms(tag, host, base_uri, signed_path, gpg_key_id, goose_rpm_file)
if __name__ == "__main__":
raise SystemExit(main())