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#URLS look like this for an individual rpm
#we should be able to grab the rpm from this url reliably below
import os, sys
import koji
import urllib2
from urllib2 import HTTPError, URLError
tag = "gl6-beta"
host = ''
base_uri = 'mnt/koji/packages'
signed_path = 'data/signed'
gpg_key_id = '1cdbbb39'
download_path = '/tmp'
kojiclient = koji.ClientSession('', {})
pkgs = kojiclient.listPackages(tagID=11,inherited=True)
template_dir = '6.x'
release = '6.0'
docs_basedir = '/home/clints/Projects/gooseproject/qa'
docs_index = 'index.rst'
#temporary hack to only include one package for testing
pkgs = pkgs[0:4]
dest_dir = '{0}/GoOSe/{1}'.format(docs_basedir, release)
if not os.path.exists(dest_dir):
os.makedirs(dest_dir, 0755)
index_src = open('{0}/{1}/{2}'.format(docs_basedir, template_dir, docs_index), 'r')
index_dst = open('{0}/{1}'.format(dest_dir, docs_index), 'w')
index_dst.write( % {'release': release})
for p in pkgs:
print p
# get build package is in
for build in kojiclient.listBuilds(packageID=p['package_id']):
if 'gl6' in build['release']:
children = kojiclient.getTaskChildren(build['task_id'])
for c in [child['id'] for child in children if child['method'] == 'buildArch']:
info = kojiclient.listTaskOutput(c)
print 'downloading {0}'.format(info[0])
x = kojiclient.downloadTaskOutput(c, info[0])
# ^^ gives you the entire RPM in a string, scary!
file_path = '{0}/{1}'.format(download_path, info[0])
local_file = open(file_path, 'wb', 0644)
#Write to our local file
# need to do some magic to determine if right build (using release?)
#build = kojiclient.listBuilds(packageID=foo['package_id'])[0]
# get rpms from build
#buildrpms = kojiclient.listRPMs(buildID=build['build_id'])
#for i in buildrpms:
# get rpm
#rpm = kojiclient.getRPM(400)
# magic handwavy turn info from rpm into download link
# download rpm
# rpm2cpio rpm
# cpio extract rpm into tmpdir
# find binary files from tmpdir
#pythonic way of (find tmpdir | xargs file | grep linked | cut -d ':' -f 1 | xargs ldd) # for linked files
# TODO need a way to get info for non-linked files
# store abi data in repo for pkg
# do we want a github fork and pull request from this tool?
#git clone
#git co -b ... # do we want a seperate branch
#append to abi-info.yaml
#git add abi-info.yaml
#git ci -m "abi info added"
#git push
# do we want pull request?
""" EXAMPLE abi-info.yaml
/usr/bin/bc: [ => (0xf77a0000), => /lib/
(0xf7760000), => /lib/ (0xf773b000),
=> /lib/ (0xf758d000), => /lib/ (0xf756d000), => /lib/ (0xf7567000), /lib/ (0xf77a1000)]
/usr/bin/dc: [ => (0xf76f4000), => /lib/ (0xf7541000),
/lib/ (0xf76f5000)]