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Skein 2.0 release notes

2.0 Brings the following new features to Skein:

A completely new workflow

Per discussions on the GoOSe Project mailing list, the following functions have been added to skein:

  • request - request a new repository either by name, or by SRPM
  • query - query upstream repo requests
  • show - show detail of a particular request
  • grant - create new upstream repo and add package to koji
  • revoke - revoke a repo create request
  • extract - extract srpm(s)
  • push - commit and push existing git repo to remote
  • upload - upload source archives to lookaside
  • import - import srpm(s). Performs extract, push and upload.
  • info - request information about a repository
  • build - build an already imported package

Below is a detailed set of commits:


  • fixed up some encoded urls to print properly with a pipe
  • fixed a few bugs and cleaned up some code
  • fixed logic issue
  • fixing i18n encoding where needed for now. Probably should dig into it and add a bunch more
  • fixed search by issue state and adjusted formatting
  • fixed logging to work with skein.cfg
  • fixed quoting on issue_title


  • added reference to python-argparse
  • adding basic import functionality
  • added --nowait option and cleaned up some tasks
  • added --nowait option and cleaned up some tasks
  • added commits option
  • added force and prompt
  • added configurations for new version of skein request
  • added functionalty to request from srpm, does not prompt. Much faster than entering data by hand
  • adding latest configuration file
  • added documentation to many functions
  • Adding in revoke functionality to skein.
  • adding GPLv3 license
  • added extract to the cli
  • added verification and a few good options to grant. Also updated logger to the new location
  • added show functionality to help identify details about particular requests
  • added skein query and corresponding githubremote method search_repo_requests
  • adding bulk functionality for skein build
  • adding build to cli
  • added SkeinError and checking for EDITOR variable in the shell
  • adding documentation for new features to new USAGE.rst


  • Merged: skein_import -> develop
  • Merged: expand_skein_info -> develop
  • Merged: enable_config_path -> develop
  • Merged: fix_broken_github2_calls -> develop
  • Merged: request_by_srpm_with_prompting -> develop
  • Merged: fix_minor_bugs -> develop
  • Merged: query_from_srpm -> develop
  • Merged: gather_repo_info -> develop
  • Merged: new_workflow -> develop
  • Merged: updates_docs_for_2.0 -> develop


  • changed the order to extract, upload then push to ensure all data was in place before a build would be launched
  • improved status statements
  • print friendly messages when doing stuff
  • adjusted _push_to_remote to work with both do_push and do_import methods
  • completing functionality for commits in skein info
  • updated code to proces first /etc/skein/skein.cfg and override with ~/.skein/skein.cfg
  • cleaning up stack traces unless debug is True
  • adjusted skein.cfg to support /etc/skein and then ~/.skein/
  • major improvement for request by using github2 search instead of a for loop
  • url can be empty quite often, setting to none in those instances
  • adjusting values to represent proper variables from skein.cfg
  • something happened to list_by_label, using list
  • adjusted extract to use rpminfo
  • removing unneeded print message
  • query skein to see if a repo exists in git remote
  • sync_files script provides restricted rsync access the lookaside cache
  • upload works so much better
  • merging revoke functionality
  • New workflow - added revoke function
  • created skein push
  • Provides optional commit command if the repo is a 'dirty girl' or has untracked files.
  • Corrected typos and fixed revoke functions in gitremote and githubremote.
  • updated makefile function
  • updated gitignore function
  • updated generate_sha256
  • doing a little housecleaning
  • now supports adding repo owner to the git_repo team with administrative rights
  • extract functionality should now work
  • updated owner functionality to include owner from config file
  • updating configuration file to support the majority of new workflow changes
  • initial transition to separating import into extract function
  • closing tickets is important too
  • adjusted close_repo_request to the proper api call
  • close_repo_request added along with fixing some self-references
  • create team for granted repo
  • rough-in for skein grant functionality
  • cleaned up request and added helper methods to get existing requests
  • initial effort to make github as a remote more modular
  • moved method name for 'request'
  • migrated request_gh_repo to use configparser
  • converting request_gh_repo from skein_settings to skien.cfg format
  • updating .gitignore to exclude tracking skein.cfg.* files that may be created by users
  • moving configurations around
  • removing comments and unneeded code
  • moving a few configurations into a new category
  • tweaking the new skein.cfg for logging, part I
  • moving skein.cfg to support SafeConfigParser
  • migrating logging configs to ConfigParser format
  • minor change to initial_message for gh issues
  • initial skein.cfg file to replace
  • set the default editor and help message to put into the temporary file
  • catching SkeinErrors
  • initial work for repo request functionality
  • removing documentation from README.rst
  • moving documentation into doc directory