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A Bash logging library which will soon be part of the new BATS project.
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Bash Archive of Tricks and Scripts -- Log for bats

#Log4BATS Logging levels Same as Log4Perl and Log4J. Each level includes the one below. (ie WARN will print WARN, ERROR, and FATAL messages)

    ALL -- synonym for TRACE
    NONE -- no logging

#Log4BATS control variables


same as format for date command (default "+%F-%T.%N")


printf style format (uses printf and other vars, default "${_LOG_DATE} ${_LOG_LVL} %b\n")

Format Variables (can be included in LOG4BATS_FORMAT)

  • _LOG_DATE -- date/timestamp formatted using LOG4BATS_DATE_FORMAT and the date command

  • _LOG_LVL -- the priority of the log message

  • _LOG_FUNC -- the function which called the logging command

  • _LOG_FILE -- the file which called the logging command

  • _LOG_LINE -- the line number which called the logging command

  • _LOG_SECONDS -- number of seconds since script execution that the log message was created

  • _LOG_STAMP -- timestamp of the log message in format +%s.%N. This is for internal use and, shouldn't be used directly, try _LOG_DATE instead.


sets the Logging Level (default TRACE)

using Log4BATS

  1. Source the library

     source lib/
  2. (OPTIONAL) Set a logging level

     export LOG4BATS_LEVEL='WARN'
  3. (OPTIONAL) Set a dispatcher (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED, might work however)

       echo "$@" >> /tmp/logfile
  4. Use the log_* functions

     mylog "this is a fatal message"
     log_error "this is an error message"
     log_warn "this is a warning message"
     log_die "goodbye cruel world"
     log_fatal "this log message won't ever get sent" # remember log_die 'exit's

Log functions

There are the normal logging message functions, each corresponds to a given log level

  • log_trace
  • log_debug
  • log_info
  • log_warn
  • log_error
  • log_fatal

There are also special logging functions each has a different outcome

  • log_die -- issue a log_fatal message and then exit with code 200
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