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Request Tracker on OpenShift

A quick start for deploying BestPractical Request Tracker on OpenShift.

Prereqs and Installation

You must build your gear with the following cartridges:

  • cron-1.4
  • perl-5.10
  • postgresql-9.2 (not tested with older postgres)

If you create your gear with the console, do NOT use the git url, your deployment will fail until the prerequisites are installed.

The easiest way to create the appropriate gear is using the rhc command:

    rhc app create <NAME> perl-5.10 cron-1.4 postgresql-9.2

Clone your OpenShift git repo:

    git clone <APP CLONE URI> <DIRECTORY>

Add the GitHub repo for RT:

    git remote add github
    git pull -s theirs github master

Push your changes back into OpenShift:

    git push origin master

After a while your installation will finish and you will be able to login to the instance with the default username (root) and password (password).


The stock file is replaced by the one in configs/ This file will use the variable ${OPENSHIFT_APP_DNS} to change the settings for __HOSTNAME__ and __REFERRERS__. You should additionally add any aliases you configure to the line Set( @ReferrerWhitelist, qw(__REFERRERS__:80 );.


  • An open OpenShift bug keeps Perl cartridges from overriding system Perl modules, therefore the pre_build hook installs the Encode module manually with cpanm.


  • Need to enable the security best practices to generate a custom username/passwd instead of stock upstream password